The National Environmental Treasure

is a people's trust fund devoted to the exclusive funding of Canadian environmental organizations, to increase their core capacity in critical areas such as environmental education, public communications, research and key operations. We are particularly interested in supporting the under-funded smaller and medium-sized organizations, working in local communities and regions. Our goal is to build a 30 million dollar public charitable foundation for the environment - the equivalent of every Canadian donating a "loonie" for their environment.

Why Canada needs a National Environmental Treasure

All Canadians benefit from the NET's activities by ensuring the long-term ability of environmental organizations to continue their critical work in raising awareness and educating Canadians about the need to protect their environmental legacy.

What are the direct benefits of NET?

  • NET strengthens the environmental movement;
  • NET provides needed funding that helps maintain and create jobs by increasing expertise, especially local expertise, throughout the environmental sector;
  • NET fosters partnering among diverse groups to run local campaigns. These campaigns provide invaluable fundraising and organizational experience as well as exposure, both locally and nationally;
  • NET provides much needed capitalization of community ENGOs, who receive an immediate 50% toward campaign proceeds;
  • NET increases public awareness of Earth Day and Environment Week;
  • NET mobilizes individual Canadians to realize the power of many small, meaningful actions can, collectively, lead to significant change, through building the trust fund loonie by loonie.

*Please note the NET is currently building its’ trust fund and is not yet in a position to disburse funding.

202-174 Stanley Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 1P1

We encourage you to make a difference now by helping to build our trust. If every Canadian donated a loonie, think about what we could do.

We are the first not for profit environmental trust in Canada. Our goal is to keep building a long term trust fund for grassroots environmental initiatives aimed at raising public awareness, education and conservation. Each year, we embark on a nationwide funding drive. We ask that you join in the movement and help ensure a clean, healthy future for our children’s children, one loonie at a time.